HD DA15 limited


Kanda Myojin & Yusima Seido with prime lens

This time, I started my photo walk from Shitaya and Ueno with the aim of walking around Tokyo, a city I still know very ......

Shinobazu pond & Iwasaki residense garden with prime lens

Looking back, it was a long time ago that I moved to Tokyo from Kansai, and I have been living in Tokyo for quite a long......
City / Street

Shitaya & Ueno with prime lens

So, with my PENTAX K-3III, HD DA15mm limited, smc FA31mm limited, SIGMA MACRO 50mm, and smc FA77mm limited, I went for a......

Enoshima island …and I messed up!

In early December, I went out to the Enoshima area of Shonan to meet someone. The movie "THE FIRST SLAM DUNK" had jus......

Agapanthus in Roppongi park

I finally learned the name of this flower. Agapanthus, a perennial herb of the leek or hibiscus family that blooms in......