Hydrangeas Path

It is only a few minutes’ walk from Horikiri-Shobuen Station on the Keisei Electric Railway Line to Horikiri-Shobuen(Iris Garden). There are several alternative paths, but if you follow the pedestrian promenade, which is the easiest to walk along, you will find that at this time of year, the hydrangeas along the path are as magnificent as the irises you are looking for.

It was still early in the blooming season, so all the hydrangeas were in full bloom.

As was the case with irises, there are many variations of hydrangeas in terms of both color and shape, and I am reminded of this every year when I take pictures of them at this time of year, to my shame.

Speaking of which, if the hydrangeas have started blooming, does that mean the roses are almost done? I wonder if I will end up failing to photograph the spring roses this year. It’s my fault, but I’m in trouble because this is what happens when I don’t move fast enough during the flower season.

This is just an article about how beautiful hydrangeas are.