The English Garden

This is the final installment of photos from our Golden Week excursion to Nagano.
I visited again the Barakura English Garden in Tateshina, which I have introduced several times in the past.

ホーム | 蓼科高原バラクライングリッシュガーデン
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This time the season was good so I was able to enjoy a walk through the garden in full bloom for the first time ever. The star flower was the tulip.

I had an image in my mind of these flowers as childish, the kind of flowers that elementary school children would enjoy, but I have learned that when confronted with a flower garden of such quantity and quality, even an adult, or even an uncle who is an adult but lives an unrefined life far removed from flowers, can be sufficiently buoyed.

Recently, I have been trying to correct my habit of writing short articles and taking only one or two or at most a few photos, but this time, I have relaxed my self-imposed restrictions a bit and am going to arrange a hundred flowers in a row.

It’s not that I don’t know that people would be fed up if I just show them a bunch of pictures of beautiful flowers, but I just want to share some of this buoyant feeling with you (lol).

By the way, of course, flowers other than tulips are blooming beautifully enough in the garden.

I have heard that the English garden style is to “let nature take its natural form” as much as possible, and not to use artificial landscaping. Therefore, I should probably step back a little and enjoy the beauty of the “natural landscape” in the distance. I know this in my head, but the blooms are so spectacular that I end up taking pictures of the flowers from a distance.

In the end, I decided to hold back and shoot the “natural scenery of tulips blooming” in the distance.

The Tateshina Barakura English Garden, where the spring flowers lifted my heart whether I was taking close-up or moving away from the garden.

This is the end of a long series of articles introducing snapshots from our short trip to Nagano region. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this article.