“T” is coming!

PENTAX Fan Meeting 2022 Autumn” was held the other day.

I’d been looking forward to this year’s event as well, since it has always been so entertaining. However, I had some unavoidable business on the day of the event and was unable to attend. When I came to, it was over.

What a pity. I missed getting the hot shoe cover that they must have given me as a free gift at the fan meet….

I was a little disappointed, but then I received a happy news from PENTAX. They said that even those who unfortunately could not participate in the event will receive an “gift” if they notify them of their absence instead of sending a survey e-mail.

PENTAX, you are so generous, I love it! I was so happy to hear that.

So here it is, the PENTAX “T”!

This is a small report from Joy.