SIGMA i50 & i90 trial

I took the liberty of writing “i50” or “i90” because I thought it would be simpler and better, but I guess it would be harder to tell what the product symbols are. The two lenses of the SIGMA i-series that I currently have in my possession

-SIGMA90mm F2.8 DG DN

I had acquired the 50mm lens but had not had a chance to take it out for a while and it had been sitting in my lens box for a while, but finally I was able to arrange my vacation, errands, and the weather, so I took the Lumix S5 and these two lenses to the Samezu Canal in Shinagawa, Tokyo, to take some test shots.

At any rate, my first shot with the 50mm

A boat pool lined with fishing boats and houseboats. The backlighting and high contrast made for difficult conditions, but I was able to capture a crisp, clean image with no blown dark areas or blown highlights. Of the several shots I took at different apertures, this one at f/5.6 seemed to have the best resolution on the in-focus surface.

If you take a straightforward shot in bright forward light, the sense of clarity is further enhanced.

I chose F5.6 for this one, too, and the lens I was most comfortable with was F5.6-F8, which is probably the peak of resolution for this lens. Not only is the sharpness of the image good, but the soft texture of the shimmering reflection of the boat shadow on the shimmering water surface is not bad.

What will the bokeh look like? Try aperture wide open at f/2 for front and rear bokeh.

The lens has a modest brightness of f/2 at maximum aperture, but I have no complaints as long as the bokeh is as beautiful as this. I have been an APSC/MFT user for a long time, so the beautiful bokeh of a full-size lens is very impressive to me.

*This lens has quite clear vignetting when used at full aperture. I think that the fringing is also a taste, so I have not corrected for fringing in these photos.

Let’s try a softer subject. There were rape blossoms on the banks of the canal, so I decided to take advantage of them.
The i50 is a great camera, with good sharpness, good bokeh, clear and transparent pictures that are typical of Sigma, and it is small and light. It’s good, it’s good, it’s good.

I also took some pictures with the i90. Here are two extra shots.

The sharpness and bokeh are as great as the i50. With these two lenses, my personal confidence in the L-mount SIGMA i-series is exploding. I hope I will be able to use them well…

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