Kawagoe -1 Search for red spider lily

I just had to go to Kawagoe on the middle day of the far bank of Japan, and while I was there, I went out shooting with the Lumix G99 and the Leica DG12-60mm.

In fact, I have been suffering from what is called “XX shoulder” for the past month or so (you should fill in the XX with the age of any middle-aged man), so I could not walk with a heavy camera, but on this day I was feeling a little better. I took it out to the eaves to see if I could manage with the G99.

Kawagoe is now an internationally popular tourist city known as “Small Edo”, where you can experience the old Edo era, which is hard to find in Tokyo, with streets that still look like this.

As the lingering summer heat finally seems to have abated, I joined the throngs of people dressed in kimono and other costumes as they strolled around the city on this year’s equinox holiday.

I was hoping to take some nice pictures of red spider lily in old Kawagoe town, but I was not able to see any on that day.

I visited the Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine with the highest expectations.

It is a bit far from the old town, the center of Kawagoe tourism, but somehow it was very crowded that day.

No, maybe I’m just unaware of this as a first time pilgrim and this one is always like this.

I had done a little research beforehand and planted the information that this shrine was one of several Kawagoe’s best places for red spider lily, but was that research wrong? Was the timing simply off due to some or all of the inclement weather? Unfortunately, I could not find any red spider lily when I explored the precincts of the shrine.

I had no choice but to rummage around for something else photogenic, and came back with this shot.

Fish-fortune, which was very popular among young couples. The playful way of catching fish with a fishing rod looks fun.

Dignified dragon hand water.

A corridor of ema (prayer plaque), of which there are a great many.

So, although the red spider lily were empty, there was no shortage of subjects for a photo walk at Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine.
I was carrying what seemed to be a single-lens camera for the first time in a while, and I was excited because it did not seem to hurt my shoulder pain too much. Next time, let’s take a walk in the old town of Kawagoe as a subject.