Farewell WiMAX


This is not directly related to the photo, and it’s not something I’m going to force myself to talk about, but I finally cancelled my WiMAX, which I have been using for a long time as a backup line for my home network.

WiMAX is wireless and provides a relatively stable high-speed connection, but in my case it is for backup and emergency use, so I had been thinking that the fixed maintenance cost for a low utilization rate was too much. So, after getting some information, I switched to “povo2.0”, which allows me to pay only the variable cost for the amount I use.

Here is the site I referred to.
UQ and au 5G compatible mobile/home routers are now available on povo2.0.

This is possible because the frequency bands overlap between the same ”au” sub-brands, but I was able to simply remove the SIM card from the pocket wifi router I had been using with WiMAX, insert the ”povo” SIM in its place, and change over by simply tweaking the APN settings. The so-called WiMAX2+ frequency band (2.5GHz = BAND41) is no longer available, but with a modern router, the ”povo2.0″ SIM can be used in the main “au” 4GLTE and 5G bands, so the speed is not so different in practical terms.

This is the router I converted.

Galaxy 5G Mobile Wi-Fi – Galaxy公式(日本)

*Note: I am writing about my experience as of February 2023. This is a usage that neither “povo2.0” nor the hardware manufacturer officially approves of, so anyone who tries it should do so completely at their own risk.

The good thing about “povo2.0” is that there is no charge at all when not in use. You buy and use it by specifying in advance the GIGAs (amount of communication) you need and the period of time (1GB/7 days, 20GB/30 days, unlimited use/24 hours, etc.), so if you use it well, you can make it a variable cost without wasting money.


To be honest, it is a bit hard to exchange a lot of image data with cloud storage with this, but if you are just updating a blog post, there is no big problem. It is acceptable for me as an emergency backup, and in terms of cost, it is reasonable enough since it is cheaper than WiMAX even if I activate unlimited use/24 hours (@330 yen) 10 times in a month.

One thing to note is that even though there is no fixed cost, it seems that they do not allow me to not use it at all for a long period of time, and there is a restriction that I cannot leave it unused for more than 180 days. However, since there are opportunities to take it outside and use it as a pocket wifi from time to time, I think it can be cleared by normal operation without being too nervous.

So, I am really improving my hobby network-environment at home little by little. I wish I could improve my photography skills, but that’s just another of my usual platitudes.