Enoshima island …and I messed up!

In early December, I went out to the Enoshima area of Shonan to meet someone.

The movie “THE FIRST SLAM DUNK” had just been released, so I decided to go “sacred place” tour beside with being old enough to know better. I went Kamakura to take the Enoden train. It had been so long since I took the Enoden that I don’t remember when.

The weather forecast called for cloudy skies, but it was nice and sunny until about halfway through the ride. I was humming to myself famous Japanese pop music of Enoshima island when I came to see it.

But then, the weather changed.

By the time we actually arrived at Enoshima, the first “sacred place,” it was cloudy as predicted.

I tried to recreate the impressive scene from the last episode of the original “SLAM DUMK” manga by staying at Kugenuma Beach for a while, but neither the sky nor the arrangement of the characters were as I wanted, and I ended up with this picture with a bit tense look of the clouds.

With a 15mm wide-angle lens, I would have liked to get closer to the runner to recreate that scene, but I couldn’t be too impudent in taking a silhouette of a stranger in borrowed scenery….

Well, that’s what you get when you come to take pictures on a whim without any preparation.

In addition, I made a big mistake afterwards.

I made a painful editing mistake and deleted dozens of shots I took along the Enoden line and in Kamakura, including the one in front of Kamakura High School, another “sacred place” of pilgrimage….OMG!

Finally, I will post a photo of the entire view of Kugenuma Beach from the few remaining photos I was lucky enough to have at hand.

It seems that not only the Shohoku High School basketball team, but this beach is still a training ground for sports youth. The photo would have looked better if at least the ridge line of Mt. Fuji.

I still regret the loss of data.
I will have to revisit Kamakura and Enoshima to take revenge.

Specifications: K-3III, HD DA20-40, HD DA15