Tadami line photo walk -4: The 4th bridge +

Other railroads & vehicles

The “Man who takes pics of the Tadami Line for only 3 days” series is still going on (I’m persistent).

This time, I started with this photo taken by the 4th bridge.

I have been relying on the smc DA*50-135mm throughout this series of Tadami Line articles, but here I used the HD DA*16-50mm for the first time. Finally, the latest lens made its debut? The focus on the front of the train is just amazing. This may be the best “Just Pint” photo in my history.

By the way, when I looked at the picture on the camera monitor, I thought I had taken it just as I had expected. But I made a mistake in taking this picture of the LED display. If you look closely, you will see that the destination display for the Aizu Kawaguchi line looks pathetic.

However, if the shutter speed is slowed down to match the blinking LEDs (1/100 sec. is necessary), the vehicle will probably be blurred, so it would have been difficult to take countermeasures even if we had known this in advance.

I had taken a telephoto shot of the No. 4 bridge from the Mizunuma Bridge downstream when I first came to this area two years ago, so this time I wanted to take a shot from another spot by the bridge. I guess I was able to accomplish that goal.

By the way, the location was wilder than I expected.
It seems that the photographic behavior required here is to climb over the guard of the national road, descend the muddy, roadless steep hill after the rain, and find a small space to stand so as not to get too close to the railroad tracks. I was alone that day, so I had a certain amount of freedom, but it would have been difficult to choose my favorite composition if there were several photographers.

Here is a shot I took from the train window. It’s “not a bit” blurry, but it might convey the sense of the place.

I was so relieved that there is a good parking space across the street from the highway.

Now, further upstream from the 4th bridge, near the Aizu Kawaguchi Station, you will find the “Kaneyama Fureai Park”. This is a famous photo point where you can look down on the adjacent Tadami River and the railroad, and see the village of Oshi with its beautiful colorful roofs in the distance.

Unfortunately, the overcast weather reduced the spectacular view by some percentage. Still, when I looked at it carefully, I was able to enjoy the expression of the mountain fog and the subtle gradation of the mirrored river surface, and I am satisfied that the photo turned out to be worthwhile in its own right. This photo was also taken with the HD DA*16-50mm, which really produce great IQ.

In short, this is a beginner-friendly photography spot where anyone can park their car at a parking space on the side of the national highway, point the camera at the river, and take pictures. Thank goodness for that.

The train tracks run right below, so if you look up from the train side, it looks like this, as you can imagine.
If it had been sunny like this from the morning, the picture would have been even more different.

You might have expected that I would have run out of Tadami Line photos by now, but alas, there is still time for more next time.

Equipment used: K-3III, HD DA*16-50mm, GF10, LUMIX G12-32mm