“Summer Sky” custom image

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I tried out the Custom Image Special Edition “Summer Sky,” which was implemented in the PENTAX K-3III firmware update on June 23. Yes I understand it’s little bit late.

I didn’t have much time to take pictures of something thoughtful in a thoughtful place, so this is a shot I took while I was out running errands.

PENTAX K-3III+HD DA15mm limited “Summer Sky”

Well, I had no other intention in choosing the Fujifilm building as my subject. It just happened to be there.
According to the official website, “Summer Sky” was created to “express the intensity of the summer sunlight, the deep blue summer sky, and the details of the dazzling white clouds.

Let’s compare “Summer Sky” with “Vivid”, both developed in-camera RAW from the same data.

Indeed, I can sense a slight difference in the color of the blue sky. I guess “Summer Sky” is characterized by a deeper blue and stronger contrast than “Vivid.”

When I think of color depth and contrast, I think of “Reversal film” as an existing custom image, but I wonder how it compares.
Custom image “Reversal Film” also developed in-camera in RAW

From what I can see in this photo, “Summer Sky” seems to emphasize the depth of color and contrast of the blue sky more than “Reversal film”.

In any case, I would like to do some more research on the characteristic coloring, how to emphasize contrast, and how to use sharpness.

As you know, “Summer Sky” has an unusual limitation of functionality, “limited to lenses for which it can be used”, which has divided users (I know it is a new kind of lens promotion, but it is naturally unpopular among those who do not have lenses for which it can be used).

I happened to have the HD DA15mm limited, so I escaped from the difficulty of the “Left out”. But I am a RAW photographer by nature, so I would like to create my own settings to reproduce “Summer Sky” on the RAW development tool so that I can use any lens. I am planning to do something about it this time, just as I forced myself to make up “Satobi”.

As for the future, I do not have the lenses for the “Autumn” and “Winter” Special Editions announced by PENTAX, so I am a little concerned that I will not be able to obtain the original images. I will try to get the original images by the next article, but we’ll see how it goes…